One PICU RN On How Foundation Works Into Her Life, Inside And Outside The Hospital

One PICU RN On How Foundation Works Into Her Life, Inside And Outside The Hospital

By Kelsie Nick, as told to Universal Standard Editorial Director Amanda Richards


I’m an RN in the PICU. I work as a travel nurse, meaning I work as a contract employee and go to hospitals that have shortages. My job is different every day. It's one of the reasons I love being a nurse — it’s fast paced and keeps you on your toes, and it’s never the same twice. Typically, I work three 12-and-a-half hour shifts a week. I'm on a flexible schedule, so I can make time for acting and blogging the other four days of the week. 

COVID has forever changed how the hospital system works. I have never in my career re-used PPE [personal protective equipment], and never had to worry about being exposed to something so imminent and deadly. Besides rationing PPE, we’re only allowing one parent to be at bedside, and they can’t leave once they’re here. It further strains the emotional work as a bedside nurse.  We come in early to be screened for temperature and symptoms to ensure we are safe to work.  It’s truly an unprecedented shift where the adult system is overloaded, while pediatrics is underwhelmed.  

My favorite thing to do after a shift is to shower, watch a series, eat dinner and go to bed. On my days off, I go for walks or runs using the Headspace app to help decompress and process the stress and anxiety. Most importantly, I keep up with therapy appointments, which have been crucial in helping manage my anxiety during this pandemic. 

Since quarantine, it’s all about comfort. I wear glorified pajamas for work, and live in that same level of comfort at home.  For work, I have to make sure I can layer, because PPE is hot and I need to have breathable clothes. Foundation works really well for that. It’s breathable, comfy, versatile, and fits like a dream. I can wear it under my scrubs to keep me warm in the hospital, but I don't sweat if I end up wearing PPE. I can wear it for long hours, and it still keeps its shape, but the fit and fabric don’t make me feel suffocated.

I also love that I can wear it at the hospital, but also style it and wear it out. Foundation is incredibly versatile (if you need proof, you can watch my TikTok videos, wherein I showcase five different ways to style the two Foundation pieces I have. I love playing with all the ways Foundation can be styled — especially in preparation for when we can go out normally again!

In addition to being a PICU RN, Kelsie Nick is an actor and blogger. You can follow her on Instagram at @kelsienick0531, and on TikTok at @kelsienick.