The Outfit Of The Future Is The One We’re All Wearing Now

The Outfit Of The Future Is The One We’re All Wearing Now

Someone recently told me my sweatsuits remind them of an old person power-walking through a mall in Florida. Given the current state of the world, being old, healthy, and strutting through a public place in a sweatsuit sounds pretty great.

By : Amanda Richards


If I could, I’d wear a sweatsuit for every occasion. A work sweatsuit. A home sweatsuit. An activities sweatsuit. A formal sweatsuit. A sweatsuit appropriate for family gatherings wherein a judgmental relative is present. When I think about what to wear with joggers, my first instinct is to find the sweatshirt that matches it — unfortunately, there are far more joggers in silo than there are glorious sweatshirt-and-jogger pairs. 

I can’t quite pinpoint what I love about them so much, other than the fact that they create one full look with minimal effort and they are the preferred casualwear of every supporting cast member on The Sopranos. They’re also incredibly versatile; I joke about having A Sweatsuit For All Occasions, but the reality is that a  sweatsuit can be for all occasions. Wear a black sweatsuit with hoops and pristine white sneakers to work. Wear a fleece sweatsuit at home. Workout in a jewel-toned sweatsuit that goes with your trainers. Wear a printed sweatsuit to that family gathering, because why not? 

And, as luck would have it, a sweatsuit is the perfect uniform for the purgatorial work-live-do-everything-from-home state we find ourselves in today. Not that I’m complaining, of course — the ability to social distance is a privilege, and I am humbled and eternally grateful that the essential workers of the world are out there, fighting a seemingly never-ending fight so the rest of us don’t have to. It feels trite to write about sweatsuits in a time when there are far more important issues at hand, issues that are literally a matter of life or death.

Then again, if I’m going to reach for anything at a time like this, it’s going to be something that brings me comfort. For me, at least with regards to dressing, that something is a sweatsuit. So, in the spirit of precious normalcy and the joy of creature comforts, let’s talk about it — starting with the jogger. 

How To Wear Joggers

As I’ve made abundantly clear, my preferred way to wear joggers is with a matching sweatshirt. However, I am but one humble, picky woman, the type of person who buys and wears the same thing over and over again. If I were to diversify my closet and style (while maintaining the goal of maximum comfort), perhaps I’d style our Bridget joggers  with the Nailah button down tunic, or a Foundation bodysuit and the Kelsey denim jacket. If I were to go out again (someday, maybe?) I’d wear them with a Foundation bandeau or the  Leeron leather jacket.

For me, though, the purest way to wear joggers is as  — you guessed it — a sweatsuit. Imagine my unbridled joy when I learned that our brand new Lauren Core sweatshirt (which is also our April 2020 Pick-of-the-Month) in forest green has a brand new pair of joggers to match. Together, the Lauren Core and the Bridget  joggers make my heart sing. 

I understand that some of you might be averse to wearing a sweatsuit, particularly one in a bold, albeit gorgeous, color. My girlfriend (who generally has great style and style opinions) recently told me that my sweatsuits remind her of an “old lady walking around in the mall in Florida.” 

I get the reference, but to her (and any of you who agree) I ask: What’s so wrong with that? To be an old, healthy-as-a-horse person walking with joy and purpose in a crowded public space feels like the kind of future we all deserve, doesn’t it?