This Is The Most Stress-Free Way To Give Your Closet An Instant Boost

This Is The Most Stress-Free Way To Give Your Closet An Instant Boost

By : Olivia Muenter


If you’re like me, then you probably go through this mental dialogue at least once per season:

I hate everything in my closet right now. I want a whole new wardrobe — or, OK, at least a wardrobe refresh. But where do I start? Also, how do I afford to do that without spending thousands of dollars? Seems overwhelming. Alright, maybe next year. Back to watching 90 Day Fiance for six hours.

The last part might just be me, but you get the idea. The idea of giving your closet a boost is overwhelming. All of us want to invest in versatile pieces that will actually last, but figuring out how to do it in a way that won’t cost us a ton of money or time is no easy feat. Luckily, the team at Universal Standard has a perfect solution for all of the above: the Mystery Box.

For eight days only, the brand is releasing 10 limited edition boxes at price points from $50 to $175 (but valued over $600). Each piece in the box is curated just for you — whether you need a full closet makeover, little refresh, or just want to try the brand for the first time. 

So, how does it work? If you’ve shopped US before, the real-life editors at Universal Standard look at your prior purchases and send you a short questionnaire. If you’re brand new to US, it’s all about the questionnaire (so don’t forget to fill it out). And don’t worry: What’s actually going in your box will remain a mystery. 

That said, you can pick from 10 different boxes, depending on the kind of items you’re looking for. If you’re on the hunt for new clothes to relax in or workout gear, the Athleisure Mystery Box ($60) might be for you. Searching for quality investment pieces for your wardrobe? Try the Luxe Mystery Box ($175). And, hey, if you feel overwhelmed with all the choices, but want to be surprised anyway, there’s the Surprise Me Mystery Box ($75). 

As a longtime Universal Standard fan myself, I chose the Classic Style Mystery Box  and was not disappointed. My box came with the  Olivia Denim Overalls, Foundation Turtleneck, and the Perry Spacer Cropped Hoodie. I already expected the pieces to live up the Universal Standard quality I know and love (and they did), but was also surprised: they’re all things I would wear separately, but I would have never chosen them to create a complete outfit on my own. Mystery Box gave me a brand new head-to-toe outfit that I actually love, without having to actually do anything. Imagine that.

So if you’re looking for a stress-free, budget-friendly shopping experience that guarantees quality pieces will land in (and actually add value to) your closet when all is said and done, snag your own Mystery Box while you can.