The Best Skinny Jean For People Who Hate Skinny Jeans

The Best Skinny Jean For People Who Hate Skinny Jeans

By : Taylor Dennis


I’ve been working in fashion for 10 years. It’s been an interesting path as I love trying new things and challenging myself to never become too comfortable. I thought I’d always be a caregiver and educator but I kept finding people were drawn to my personal style and encouraged me to consider a move into the fashion industry. I started working in an amazing vintage shop in Los Angeles, which exposed me to era-based fashion — we had clothing, accessories, and home goods that could easily find themselves on a TV or movie set, and we even provided a good amount of clothing for That ‘70s Show. 

Eventually, I moved to New York and worked as an accessories specialist for Barneys before I found my current home at Universal Standard as senior stylist. My current role allows me to be firmly rooted in the fashion world while still enjoying genuine one-on-one relationships with clients. I’m so grateful to have met some incredibly talented and fascinating individuals through this company.

The Best Skinny Jeans When You Hate Skinny Jeans 2

How I style our customers…

I’m detail-oriented, and I love asking questions. When I begin an appointment in our NYC 1:1, I want to get to the heart of what my client actually needs to fill in gaps in their wardrobe — but I also want to help them find fun pieces to push them out of their comfort zone. I consider it friendly guidance — but at the same time, our appointments are private, which means that every person can feel comfortable and shop at their own pace. Clothing shopping should be an enjoyable and reassuring experience, and I hope everyone walks away with a confidence boost. It’s also incredibly important the environment is inclusive and supportive of any and everyone. It’s an intimate interaction; I want to make sure I’m respectful while providing genuine fit and style feedback. 

On the Universal Standard piece that surprised me most...

I was most surprised by the Rio Blazer. I never considered myself a blazer person specifically because I grew up wearing very conservative clothing and worked in offices while in college. But let me tell you: I love it! I sized up for a more laid-back feel, and I also wear it with denim shorts, mini skirts, boyfriend jeans and even slinky silk dresses. It goes well with them all! As a stylist it’s imperative I constantly challenge my own preconceived notions of what goes with what. The minute you try a piece of clothing you’d previously rejected a bunch of new outfit options open up.

The Best Skinny Jeans When You Hate Skinny Jeans 3

The best thing about our Pick-of-the-Month Seine High Rise Jeans...

What I love most about our Seine High Rise jeans is their versatility. They look amazing on everyone! A universal skinny jean is a tough ask, because there are a lot of factors involved. I believe our jeans hit every mark! When I took mine for a spin in the city I felt comfortable and confident. I’m really into vintage tees and crop tops right now, and our Seine High Rise jeans pair really nicely. I also love a full on denim look for a tonal or color blocking moment. As we move into spring and summer (and I run hot) my go-to top will have either short sleeves or no sleeves at all. I love showing off my tattoos as I consider them permanent outfit accessories. Nothing better than a cute tube top and skinny jeans while I cruise my local haunts.